Tom Fields 1 coming

Tom Fields 1 coming

Fausto Cattaneo 1 coming
Buon Compleanno, Roger

Jackie Davidson 0 coming
Dear Roger: Greetings from Australia! Sadly, I can't make this your 90th Birthday Celebration; however, I promise to make it to your 100th - when we will have even MORE to celebrate! I am sending all my heart felt thanks, praises and best wishes in a card that you should receive soon. Jackie

Al Harper 1 coming

Adrienne Kolb 1 coming
Looking forward to this big party!

Arieh Konigl 1 coming

Martyl Langsdorf 1 coming

Adrienne Kolb 1 coming

Nicholas Chapman 1 coming

David Reid 1 coming
Happy Birthday Roger! You are truly a long-distance runner in physics.

Frank Merritt 1 coming

Michael Werner 0 coming
Roger You have been a friend, mentor, teacher, and inspiration to me and to many of our colleagues for many years. Sorry I can't join in the celebration in person, but I will be there in spirit! Michael Werner

Elizabeth and Doreen Crewe 2 coming

Riccardo Levi-Setti 2 coming

Joe O'Gallagher 2 coming

James Eason 1 coming
Happy Birthday! It's always been a privilege and honor to work on the Hildebrand staff -- and a lot of fun too.

Scott Dodelson 1 coming
Happy 90th!

Oka 2 coming

Richard H. Miller 0 coming

Martin Houde 1 coming
Bonne FĂȘte, Roger! I'm looking forward to celebrate this milestone with you. Thanks for being such a great colleague and inspiration.

Kate Cleary 1 coming
Happy Birthday Professor Hildebrand!

Carrie Eder 2 coming
Roger - You are an inspiration. I'm happy to have known you. Wishing you only good things. Carrie

Lew Hobbs 1 coming
Hi Roger, Congratulations, and thank you heartily for the countless good things you have done for your colleagues and students, the department and its work, and the university. Lew Hobbs

Pat Palmer 1 coming

Rory and Michele Childers are very pleased to attend the Birthday Celebration of Roger Hildebrand

Josephine Ryan 1 coming

Edna Hunter 1 coming

Nick Gnedin 2 coming
I wish Roger many more years of productive career and fun doing astronomy.

Jonathan L. Rosner 1 coming

Don York 1 coming

Vikram Dwarkadas 2 coming

David Schleuning 1 coming
Roger, you are a great mentor and an inspiration to me. I'm looking forward to coming back to Chicago to celebrate 90 years young.

Craig Hogan 2 coming
Happy Birthday Roger!

Henry and Priscilla Frisch 2 coming

Peter Freund 2 coming
From the bubble chamber to astrophysics, always important, elegant and careful. For many years I have admired you and for many years I hope to continue admiring you. Happy Birthday! Peter Freund

Jim and Carol Truran 2 coming

Vanessa M. Hildebrand 1 coming
Dear Grandpa, You are a great inspiration to so many. I hit the jackpot when I got you for a grandfather. Love, Vanessa

Andrew M Davis 1 coming

Jim Pilcher 2 coming
Happy birthday Roger, with warmest wishes for many more.

Dietrich Muller 2 coming

Bob Wald 2 coming

Michael S. Turner 2 coming

Ed Blucher 2 coming

Larry Kirby 2 coming

Lee Teng 2 coming
Roger, You have already reached the academic acme, now you are reaching an acme of longevity. Lee

Stephan Meyer 2 coming
Congratulations on your 90th, Roger !

Roland Winston 2 coming
Pat and I will be there.

Doreen Crewe 2 coming

Robert Clayton 1 coming

malcolm Derrick 2 coming
Dear Roger, Congratulations,You are matching your father! I will be forever in your debt for the inspiring leadership you provided in the first years of the ZGS program.It was not an easy time but it gave a basis for the later sucesses of the research program. Best Wishes for many more years Malcolm Derrick

Sheila Hohmann 1 coming

Giles Novak 2 coming
Roger, you're a great mentor and friend and Barb and I are looking forward to the celebration ... Happy 90th!

Savdeep Sethi 0 coming
Congratulations on achieving a wonderful milestone. Happy Birthday and Best Wishes!

Jessie Dotson 1 coming
Roger - The longer I am in the field, the more I realize what a fantastic mentor you are. I am humbled and honored to be among your students. -Jessie

John W. Boyer 1 coming

Robert Fefferman 1 coming

Steve Koppes 1 coming

Stuart Rice 2 coming

Mel and Sheila Shochet 2 coming

Darren Dowell 1 coming
Happy birthday! I hope you're free to "talk shop" that morning.

Sara Paretsky and Courtenay Wright 2 coming

Jonathan Rosner 1 coming

Daniel Holz 1 coming

Yau Wah 1 coming

Jean Treese 1 coming

Jocelyn Keene & Tom Phillips 2 coming
We're eager to celebrate your birthday with you. I missed the big celebration on your 70th when my baby daughter got sick, but I won't miss this one. She's not a baby anymore!

Stan Whitcomb 2 coming
Laurie and I can't wait to wish you a happy birthday in person!

Rae Stiening 1 coming

Mila Kuntu 1 coming
Happy B-Day to you. This is a very nice man whom I've been seeing on campus for the length of my stay here. Alway a friendly smile and greeting whenever I meet him. May you have many, many more, take care.

Tom Economou 1 coming
Roger, Congratulations. I wish you many more healthy and productive years --tom--

Sandy Heinz 1 coming

Mark Oreglia 1 coming
Roger, you have been a valuable colleague, a mentor in matters of science, the College, history, and common sense, ... and a generally inspirational figure! It is wonderful having you here.

Yoichiro Nambu 0 coming
Roger, I am a little ahead, but congratulations! Sorry I cannot attend. My Best wishes. YNambu

David Biron 0 coming

Paolo Privitera 1 coming

Joan Winstein 1 coming
Wouldn't miss it ! Joan Winstein

Judy Chernick 0 coming

Sidney Nagel 1 coming

Isaac Abella 1 coming

Richard Lundy 0 coming

Peter Hildebrand 2 coming

Beth Nakatsuka 1 coming

Emil Martinec 2 coming
Congratulations on completing your 90th orbit of the sun -- it's been a long journey but you made it!